Organization App Update From Chronos

Chronos LC has released an update for Personal and Group Organizer, bringing it to 4.5. Personal and Group Organizer is designed to be an all inclusive modern organizer for the Mac platform. The update features performance enhancements including OS X support for Palm Desktop 4 and an integrated dialer for attached modems. According to Chronos LC:

Chronos LC today announced the release of Personal Organizer 4.5 and Group Organizer 4.5 for Mac OS 9.x and X.

Version 4.5 builds on the award-winning heritage of the Personal/Group Organizer products with four exciting new features.

  • First, a Mac OS X conduit is included and works natively with Palm Desktop 4
  • Second, custom lists of contacts can be saved in the industry standard vCard format to an
    iPod or elsewhere. This feature is especially useful for iPod owners who wish to take their address book with them on the road. Since this vCard functionality is built-in to Personal/Group Organizer, itis extremely fast and users donit have to fuss with AppleScripts
  • Third, a new Mac OS X dialer is integrated with Personal/Group Organizer and can dial phone numbers from an attached or internal modem. Since the dialer is an integrated but standalone application, it can be used independently of Personal/Group Organizer.
  • Fourth, a new multi-threaded Cocoa server is now included with Group Organizer

You can find more information about the Personal and Group Organizer update at the Chronos LC Web site. Personal and Group Organizer 4.5 is available for US$59.99.