Other World Computing (OWC) Launches Nationwide Mac ISP

Other World Computing (OWC) has launched a new nationwide dial-up ISP for Mac users. The new service is called FasterMac.net, and offers 56K dial-up connections across the US. OWC is offering competitive monthly, quarterly, and yearly rates, but is limited to 150 hours per month. From OWC:

Other World Computing today announced the launch of FasterMac.net, a Macintosh-only Internet service that provides nationwide 56K dialup access throughout the United States specifically for Macintosh computer users.

Created with the expertise gained by the Other World Computing team from more than five years of providing Internet access in the Chicagoland area through OWCis OWC.NET division, the FasterMac.net service is built by technical professionals who know and understand Macintosh computers and Macintosh users.

FasterMac.net provides online, step-by-step technical directions for configuring Mac-specific operating systems and e-mail clients with the FasterMac.net service. FasterMac.net is available to Mac users nationwide and is offered with three payment options:

  • Annual - $119 ($9.92 per month);
  • Quarterly - $35.97 ($11.99 per month); and
  • Month-to-Month - $12.95.

Each plan provides users with up to 150 hours of connection time per month, five free e-mail addresses (username@FasterMac.net), and 5MBs of free Web space.

The FasterMac.Net service utilizes a nationwide network of high-speed 56K v.90/v.92 dialup locations connected with top-tier bandwidth providers for consistently fast and reliable connections. Additionally, FasterMac.Net users do not have to use any third-party software, and are insured that information provided to OWC will only be used for account maintenance.

You can find more information on the new service at FasterMac.net.