Outlook2Mac Helps Windows Users Switch Their Outlook E-Mail To The Mac

A company called Little Machines has introduced another tool to the marketplace for Switchers. The company has released a product called Outlook2Mac that is designed to help Windows users migrate all of their e-mail and contact information to Mac OS X apps. The utility works by exporting all of the relevant data into Mac-friendly files that the user can transfer to their Mac, and then import directly into their Mac apps. According to the productis Web site, supported programs include "Apple Mail, Address Book, iCal, Microsoft Entourage, and Other Third-Party Programs." The company also includes a compatibility chart on the productis Web page.

Outlook2Mac joins Move2Mac from Detto Technologies, software that is designed to help Windows users move everything else over to the Mac. Move2Mac doesnit currently move Outlook e-mail, making Outlook2Mac a much-needed app for many Switchers. From Little Machines:

Little Machines, a growing maker of software utility products, today announced Outlook2Mac, a program that helps Apple Macintosh users move their Microsoft Outlook e-mail, contacts, and calendar appointments to programs that run on Mac OS X, Appleis new operating system.

Intended to help people switch from Windows to Appleis new operating system, Outlook2Mac converts Outlookis mail, contacts, and calendar folders into Apple-friendly formats that can be quickly imported into Apple and third-party programs for OS X.

"Appleis current Switch campaign is getting people to switch from Windows to OS X," said Steven Taylor, Outlook2Macis Director of Business Development, "but each time a person switches, their first question seems to be, iHow can I move my Outlook olders to my new Mac?i Outlook2Mac is the answer."

Ready to run with Microsoft(R) Outlook 97, 98, 2000, and 2002 on most versions of Windows, Outlook2Mac includes an easy-to-use wizard menu and a variety of filters that can be used to select which Outlook folders to export, and how. Export all e-mail and calendar items, or perform incremental exports by telling Outlook2Mac to only export recent items that fall within a date range. E-mail attachments can be stripped from e-mails, saved inside e-mails, or even saved as detached, stand-alone files--a great way to archive an entire folder of Outlook e-mail attachments quickly.

Outlook2Mac supports the industry-standard .mbox, vCard, and iCal file formats, making it ready for import into third-party e-mail, contact, and calendar programs that support these standards.

Outlook2Mac is priced at US$10, and the company offers a trial version at its Web site. You can find more information on the product at the companyis Web site.