Ovolab Shipping RemoteTunes For iTunes

Ovolab has released a new app for Mac users, RemoteTunes. RemoteTunes is a utility designed for controlling the iTunes application on remote Macs. The app works on the remote Mac sans installation. According to Ovolab:

Ovolab(tm)today released Ovolab RemoteTunes(tm), its full-featured utility for controlling iTunes playback on other Macs.

With Ovolab RemoteTunes, users can play songs on any Mac they are authorized to log in to - whether on the local network or on the Internet - and the audio will play from the remote computeris speakers.

As opposed to other software which offers similar functionality, Ovolab RemoteTunes does not require any software to be installed on the remote Macintosh.

You can find more information about the RemoteTunes release at the Ovolab Web site. RemoteTunes is available for US$15.00.