P-Edge Releases Server Config For Medal Of Honor: Breakthrough

P-Edge media has released a new utility for users of Medal Of Honor: Breakthrough. The utility is a Game Server Configulator designed for hosting online group games. The app features a simplified interface for custom game parameter setting and configuration. According to P-Edge media:

P-Edge media, the Haarlem (Netherlands) based Mac OSX software design company has started work on the fourth in their series of "Game Server Configulators" for Mac OSX.

This new application is called "Game Server Configulator (Breakthrough)" and allows the user to set up and run a dedicated Medal of Honor: Breakthrough online or LAN server.

GSC Breakthrough version 1.0 has over 25 configurable options and the user can load and save several different server configurations. While the server is running it can broadcast server messages, the administrator can view the scores, send text messages to the players and perform immediate map changes and player kicks. A console window is included to watch what happens on the server. Of course, the new Liberation game type and all of the new maps are supported.

You can find more information about the GSG release at the P-Edge media Web site. The Game Server Configulator for Medal Of Honor: Breakthrough is available as freeware.