PCI Version Of Analog To Digital Converter Available

Miglia has announced that they are shipping a PCI version of the analog to digital converter, Miglia Directoris Cut. Incorporating a FireWire interface, the Directoris Cut PCI card allows users to instantly and easily convert digital to analog and back. According to Miglia:

Miglia Technology, today announced that it is shipping a PCI enabled version of it?s PAL/NTSC analogue to digital video (and reverse) converter, Miglia Director?s Cut PCI.

Miglia Directoris Cut PCI enables users of older PCI based Macs and Windows based PCs that do not already have a FireWire port to use both the DV bridge and also new generation DV cameras. With a computer and Miglia Directoris Cut PCI all the user will need to add is a simple video editing application.

Miglia Directoris Cut requires no drivers and works seamlessly on both Windows, Mac OS and any other platform that has a FireWire based video editing solution. The system simply sees a DV camera and is then ready to receive your video signal.

The FireWire PCI card will also enable users to take advantage of other FireWire products like CD-RW, external FW hard drives and the like, really bringing the digital revolution to the masses.

The addition of a FireWire PCI card to the basic Directoris cut product line-up is the first in a line of authorised accessories that Miglia will ship to compliment the DV bridge (Directoris Cut). The product line-up will include a gold plated composite/S-Video to SCART converter to enable the use of Directoris Cut with any SCART enabled video recorder or TV.

The Miglia PCI Directoris Cut is available for US$565. You can find more information at the Miglia Web site.