PCWeenies Announces Cartoon Caption Contest!

PCWeenies has announced prize giveaways for cartoon caption contest number 8. Sponsored by Power On Software, the contest consists of finding the best possible funny caption for an already designed cartoon. According to PCWeenies:

First place and runner-up prizes will be awarded for the most humorous, inventive, and unusual caption for this weekis cartoon. Prizes have been donated by Power On Software, makers of the award-winning Now-Up-to-Date and Contact.

The prizes

  • Now Up-to-Date & Contact
  • DiskLock
  • ACTION Utilities
  • Now Planner (Windows version)

The contest will extend to Monday, September 18th, with the winners and the winning caption entries announced on Tuesday, September 19th. You can find more information about the contest at PCWeenies.com.