PC Decrapifier Eliminates Crapware

A new PC comes standard with loads of crapware. It can take hours to clean up a new PC, but the PC Decrapifier can expunge it all.

AppScout, always on the lookout for the Killer App, found the perfect solution. The PC Decrapifier. The best part: itis free for personal use.

Appleis blast at crapware

"We all know the drill: You unpack your new HP or Dell desktop or laptop and fire it up, but before you can start working, you have to wade through the promotional software that pops up asking you to register, remove all the icons to unnecessary documentation that clutter the desktop, and uninstall all the trial and demo software that your computer is packed with when the hard drive is imaged at the factory," Alan Henry wrote. "With the PC Decrapifier, setting up a new computer is a little easier, and wonit require you to scramble for a Windows CD as soon you get a new computer."

The reason all that software is on a new PC is because of the slim profit margins on a PC. Vendors need the income in the cut-throat commodity PC market. The PC Derapifier Website explains it. "All of this stuff is placed on your new PC because the big companies like Dell, HP and others sell advertising space on your PC to put more money in their pockets at the expense of your time and frustration."

For personal use, the PC Decapifier is free. Even the commercial license, at US$20, is per technician, not per PC, and also contains additinal features for business users.

With more and more Mac users running Windows or possibly buying Macs with Windows pre-installed, this is a tool every computer user should be aware of.