PC Magazine: Boot Camp = Apple Bobbing for Suckers

Appleis Boot Camp, which allows Intel-powered Macs to dual boot into either Windows or Mac OS X, is Appleis attempt to lure suckers to its hardware, or so says PC Magazineis Jim Louderbeck. In an editorial, Mr. Louderbeck said that there are faster, better looking, more compatible, more reliable, more flexible, and cheaper systems from other vendors that make Appleis hardware a bad buy for anyone wanting to actually run Windows on it.

For those who say that Apple has superior industrial design, Mr. Louderbeck said, "There are dozens of better-looking notebooks out there than those tired, industrial-looking iBooks and PowerBooks that dribble out of Infinite Loop." He specifically cited Toshibais Protegé laptop, Aceris portables, and noted "even Dell now has discovered red."

He also jumped on the folks who have praised the performance of the MacBook Pro, saying that any other company producing benchmarks like Appleis would have been jumped on by the tech press.

Mr. Louderbeck dipped into the FUD well, too, saying that those needing to run legacy SCSI cards and other unspecified peripherals and add-ons might find they donit work with Appleis hardware. He also warned that those wishing to build their own systems will find they canit do so with an Apple system, not giving a nod to the reality that anyone buying a Mac was obviously not building their own system.

Lastly, Mr. Louderbeck criticized Appleis pricing, noting that, "After youive already been overcharged for a Mac, you need to spend another hundred dollars or so buying Windows, just for the privilege of tainting the Apple core with Microsoftis OS."

You can find more of Mr. Louderbeckis editorial at PC Magazine.