PC Magazine Likes The 17" AlBook

PC Magazine took a look at Appleis flagship portable, the new 17" PowerBook G4, and liked what they saw. As with Washington Post reviewer, Rob Pegoraro, PC Magazineis Troy Dreier was wowed by the big display. From the article, Jumble Screen Apple Portable Delivers:

First and foremost, of course, is the bright, crisp screen. It measures 17 inches corner to corner, with a resolution of 1,440 by 900 pixels in a 16:10 aspect ratio. Itis roomy enough to have two documents open side by side or to have one application in view with its associated tool palettes off to the side. And yes, as Appleis TV commercial implies, the wide aspect ratio is perfect for watching movies.

That screen necessitates an extra-wide chassis, of course -- but Appleis design wizardry has kept the dimensions of the sleek aluminum case as small as possible. So while the new PowerBook is 15.4 inches wide, itis still just an inch thick and weighs 6.8 pounds -- not bad, considering other big-screen notebooks tip the scales at 9 pounds.

Unlike Mr. Pegoraro, Mr. Dreier was not so put off by the price tag or the bundled software:

This software bundle is also attractive to creative professionals. The unit comes with Appleis usual software assortment, including iLife (full versions of iDVD, iMovie, iPhoto, and iTunes), Art Directors Toolkit, Mac OS X Mail, and a DVD player. (Safari, Appleis Web browser, which is still in beta, is missing.)

The price means this dream machine will remain only a dream for many. But those who can afford it will certainly be pleased.

Check out the full review at PC Magazineis Web site.