PC Magazine Posts First Look At The 4G iPod, With Pix

Those of you who want a closer look at Appleis latest iteration of the iPod, but havenit had a chance to see one in person, are in luck. PC Magazine has posted a ifirst looki article of the 4th generation iPod. The article recaps the facts known about the new models, and includes pictures that compare it with older versions and offers a close-up view of the iPod mini-like click wheel. From the article, Appleis New iPod:

From a hardware perspective, the most obvious change is a clickable wheel like that on the iPod mini. This gives more feedback than the wheel used on older iPods, so many people find it easier to use. In addition, the new unit is about 1 mm thinner than previous iPods.

Apple says these units will deliver up to 12 hours of playback on a charge compared with the 8 of the earlier generation. Apple product manager Christi Wilkerson says the difference is mostly due to software modifications that enable lower power consumption. You can quick-charge the unit to 80 percent of total capacity in about 2 hours. A full charge takes about 4.

Stop by PC Magazine for the full article and photos.