PC Site Envy News Switches to Mac News, Reviews

Envy News, a Web site that bills itself as the place for news and reviews of "quality gadgets for hardware zealots," has announced that it is making the switch from PC to Mac. According to Managing Editor Neil Yates, this isnit a move just on the production side: Envy News will now produce news and reviews aimed at a Mac audience. He said in a statement: "From here on in, weire Mac evangelists and Mac users."

On the front page of the Envy News Web site, Mr. Yates explains that he first used Macs in the mid-80s "but somewhere along the way, I was tainted and switched to PC." The purchase of a G4 Power Mac in 2000, however, reignited his interest in the platform, and now, with Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger" about to be released and Appleis market share rising on the tide of the iPodis success, he felt that this was the right time to make a site-wide switch to Mac.

Mr. Yates now uses a Power Mac G5 and noted that Envy Newsi giveaway happening Monday, May 2 will be of interest to owners of that machine as well as the G5 iMac. The contest will be open to worldwide readers of all ages.