PC Users Are Better Lovers Than Mac Owners, Or Are They?

The good people of Linux Format, a print magazine owned by Future Publishing, the publishers of Mac Format, have published a rather fun piece that will interest Mac users everywhere. Linux Format, published in the UK, got a note from Microsoft that said the results of a study showed that PC users were more romantic than their Mac counterparts. The sharp eyed folks at Linux Format noticed that their cousins at Mac Format were told the exact opposite based on the same study. According to Linux Format:

In contrast to their nerdy image, PC users are actually more amorous and better dressed than their mac counterparts. They are twice as likely to be aged 18-24 (11% vs 6% of Mac users) and as a result youire more likely to find PC users out clubbing than Mac-sters. In contrast to their young and trendy image, half of Mac users are actually over 45 years old.

These findings reveal the true differences between PC and Mac users and have been the inspiration for two very different versions of Microsoft Office, one for the PC and one for the Mac.

Poor Mac users - donit they come off badly? But hold on a second... hereis what the same survey told the same PR company, who passed the information on to our sister magazine Mac Format.

Sex mad, wine drinkers?
Itis official. Mac users are not only more cultured than PC users, but they make better lovers too. Whois making these claims? Apple? Actually, itis PC software giant Microsoft.

For the launch of Microsoft Office: Mac 2001, the company did some research into lifestyle differences between Mac and PC users. We have a reputation for being a rather cultured and sensitive lot. So itis no wonder that Mac users are four times more likely to watch art house movies than the Windows brigade. Weire also twice as likely to be enjoying Chardonnay at dinner parties. PC folk, on the other hand, prefer to swig lager in nightclubs.

There is more information in the full article, and we recommend you read it.