PC Weenies Welcome a "Fully Upgradeable" Sonia To The Family

The latest edition of the wonderful PC Weenies cartoon celebrates the birth of a new member to their family, Sonia Weiner. This is a big moment for the PC Weenie family, and promises to provide a host of new cartoon topics. According to PC Weenies;

Today pcweenies.com is excited to announce that Bob and Pam are now proud parents of a brand new baby daughter - Sonia Weiner!

I initially planned to make a contest out of naming the baby, but I really liked the name Sonia, so I decided to go with it. ;)

In other news, the "Letters" Column has been updated. Reader Kurt Radtke has scored a FREE PC Weenies T-shirt! Keep those letters coming in, for your chance to win a snazzy PCW T-shirt of your very own!

Stay itooned for an upcoming Cartoon Caption Contest!

You can find more about their, "...fully upgradeable" daughter at the PC Weenies Web site.