PC World Looks At The Differences Between Intel, AMD, Apple

What should your next computer be? Should it have a processor made by Intel, or rival AMD? Or should it not be an x86-based PC at all? An article from PC World (via Yahoo News) looks at exactly this issue. The article first compares the offerings from Intel and AMD, coming to the conclusion that for most people, the choice doesnit matter, as either chip will be more than enough power for most users.

The article then goes on to compare Windows-based PCs to Macs, noting such Mac strengths as ease of use, system design, the scarceness of viruses and worms, stability, support, and more. The article also looks at some Mac perks, such as the iPod, the iSight camera, and the iChat instant messaging software. From PC World:

Some PC shoppers detest change. Maybe you fear switching from a PC with an Intel processor to one based on a processor from Advanced Micro Devices. Or maybe you dread the thought of buying a machine thatis not made by Apple, which uses IBM and Motorola processors. But with all three companies doing innovative work to improve computing, nowis a fine time to reexamine your notions.


Letis take a look at performance. For years, Intel and AMD battled to see who could be first to market with the fastest processor. Intelis marketing department, in particular, pushed the idea that the more megahertz, the better. For the most part, the public bought it.


As for performance, itis rarely the decisive factor for people considering an Apple system: Ease of use is usually the prime reason. Nonetheless, Apple just kicked its speed ambitions up a notch with its new PowerMac G5 line, which uses the 64-bit IBM PowerPC 970 processor. These machines, aimed at professionals like graphic designers, demonstrate Appleis determination to participate in the performance race.

Moreover, with Apple, thereis no need to investigate the reputations and support policies of several PC vendors. Youire buying from Apple--which excels at customer service and support, according to PC Worldis most recent annual reliability and service survey. In the survey, in which readers rate vendors on issues like hardware problems and tech support effort, Apple won top marks among all desktop PC makers on service measures.

Need one last reason to consider Apple? Think bugs and worms: While PC users have been cursing loudly for the past year about numerous nasty viruses that have quickly spread round the globe (thanks in part to Microsoft software), Apple users donit need to worry much about this problem. Virus authors seem to see Microsoft as a bigger and better target.

You can read the full article at Yahoo Newsi Web site.