PC World: Sick of Blue Screens? Get a Mac!

In his latest column, PC Worldis Stephen Manes tackles an issue near and dear to Windows users -- the Blue Screen of Death -- and why Macintosh computers may be the solution. While he personally prefers Windows, Mr. Manes is not afraid to acknowledge Appleis ease of use and innovation in the realm of computing. From the article:

Then thereis innovation. The 3.5-inch floppy disk drive? First seen on the original Mac. Wireless networking via 802.11b (Wi-Fi)? As AirPort, it rolled out first in Macs. And Macs had built-in ethernet when it was a mere add-on for PCs. Although these technologies werenit invented at Apple, it committed to them long before they trickled down to Windows.

Some things were invented at Apple, including one advance now in every Mac: FireWire. Too bad the high-speed port (aka IEEE 1394) has been slow to catch on in PCs, in part because of the even slower-to-arrive copycat USB 2.0 standard. And the Mac is often far more elegant: Thanks to Apple software, editing digital video or burning a DVD on a Mac is almost a pleasure. On PCs, itis almost always a pain.

Mr. Manes cites the Windows Registry and the Blue Screen of Death as just two of the major annoyances that PC users have to put up with on a daily basis. Does he think that PC users should switch?

But every day that brings a Blue Screen of Death, a networking disaster, or a collection of security warnings from Microsoft is a day that more Windows users will consider making the Big Switch. And while thereis no hard evidence that Apple is developing an Intel version, consider this: If OS X were available for the machine you have now, wouldnit you be frustrated enough with Windows to give it a try?

The whole PC World article is available online and in the September edition of PC World Magazine.