PDF Image Manipulation Tool To Ship In September

Lantana has announced that PDF ImageWorks will ship in September. PDF ImageWorks permits image editing and manipulation of PDF images where they appear in the PDF document. According to Lantana:

PDF ImageWorks does not require any additional external applications. PDF ImageWorks is designed to meet user needs for control over image selection, integration, appearance and usability.

PDF ImageWorks provides capabilities that are not available in other Acrobat solutions or are cumbersome and expensive to achieve using other products. PDF ImageWorks addresses the needs of getting the color space, resolution, size, location, orientation, and appearance of images right for all types of PDF usage, whether for print, the web, or CD-ROM. It can also enhance documents captured on scanners that are destined for reprint. PDF ImageWorks allows one to combine elements from different images as well.

PDF ImageWorks capabilities address different aspects of PDF images from the various PDF image types, to color spaces, to different image output formats, such as TIFF, EPS and JPEG. Users can edit image content, perform operations on entire images, and even update OPI-related information. Some functions, such as color conversion and re-sampling, may be automatically applied across multiple images or over the entire document.

PDF ImageWorks tools can be used to affect the existence or location of an image, such as cut, paste, new, move, copy, resize, rotate, extract and replace. Other features affect the appearance of the image, such as color space conversion, downsample/subsample, send to back/bring to front, mirror, brightness/contrast control, color adjustment, and despeckle. Editing operations allow one to manipulate data in an image. These include cut, paste, erase, move, copy, crop, and the ability to pick up and apply color. PDF ImageWorks also allows you to fix OPI links, and control both the image in the PDF or on the OPI server, providing you flexibility in OPI, web and print document implementation.

PDF ImageWorks requires Adobe Acrobat 4.05 or above and is available in both Macintosh and Windows (95/98/2K/NT) versions for US$295. Lantana has not yet added information about the unreleased product to their Web site.