PDF Site Criticizes Apple's PDF Claims For Panther

PDF Zone.com has published an article examining the quality of Pantheris PDF support. According to the author Don Fluckinger, Appleis claims that you can make proper PDF documents using Panther itself is false when it comes to the world of professional printing. To back this up, he extensively cites Julie Shaffer of the Graphical Arts Technical Foundation and her tests examing Pantheris PDF conversion quality. From the article:

All year, we?ve been exploring the exciting PDF possibilities of the latest upgrade to the Mac OS, commonly referred to as ?Panther.? For a lot of companies and one-person design studios, the main question has been, ?Can we make PDFs that are press-worthy from Panther, without having to buy Acrobat or a Jaws-type alternate??


Before Panther came out earlier this year, rumors out of Cupertino said that a souped-up Preview?a free utility for viewing and resaving PDFs in OS X?would make press-worthy PDFs.

In early tests, Shaffer definitely could get a print-quality PDF out of Panther, but only when submitting a PostScript file to Preview.
When PDFs are made the intuitive Mac way?in this case, using the ?Save As PDF? button in the ?Print? dialog box that comes up in every Mac application, such as QuarkXPress, Microsoft Publisher, CorelDRAW, or the myriad other applications in which GATF members get files submitted to them from customers?they have the same problems with resolution shifting and color-space shifting.

You can read the full article at PDF Zone.com Web site.