PSoft Releases Automatic OS X Backup

PSoft has released a new backup app for the Mac, iMsafe. iMsafe is an automatic backup utility designed for any mounted OS X volume. iMsafe features automatic scheduling and incremental backup functionality. According to PSoft:

Today PSoft is announcing iMsafe, a brand new backup application, written from the ground up for Mac OS X. Just like Mac OS X itself, iMsafe builds on the power of Unix and combines it with a gorgeous and easy-to-use Aqua interface. iMsafe backs up data stored on any mounted OS X volume (such as your HD) to any mounted OS X volume (e.g. HD, removable HD, Zip, network volume, iPod).

Backups can be run from within iMsafe or they can be scheduled to occur every day, on weekdays or on specific days. And with the scheduling function, you donit have to be logged in or running iMsafe in order to run backups.

With iMsafe you can run incremental backups, featuring the possibility to transfer only the differences in the files at both side. File permissions and modification dates can be preserved. When scheduling a backup to another Mac on the network, iMsafe can automatically connect to that Mac before starting the backup. The dock icon will inform you about your backup status.

You can find more information about iMsafe at the PSoft Web site. iMsafe is available for US$13.00.