PSoft Releases Beta Version Of iMsafe

PSoft has released a beta version iMsafe version 2.0. iMsafe is an automatic backup utility designed for any mounted OS X volume. The beta release features support for OS 10.3 and is primarily a build for user requests. According to PSoft:

Belgium, February 23, 2004. SweetCocoa today announced the public beta of iMsafe 2, the popular backup tool for Mac OS X.

iMsafe can backup to USB and FireWire HDs, iPods, Pendrives and to remote Macs on the network. With iMsafe you can run incremental backups, featuring the possibility to transfer only the differences in the files at both sides, while file permissions, modification dates and all other file attributes are preserved.

iMsafe 2 is completely rewritten from the ground up to take advantage of the advanced functionality in Mac OS X 10.3.

You can find more information about the iMsafe beta release at the PSoft Web site. iMsafe 2.0 is available as freeware while in the beta testing phase.