PSoft Updates iMsafe

PSoft has released an update for iMsafe, bringing it to version 1.8. iMsafe is an automatic backup utility designed for any mounted OS X volume. The update includes several new features and enhancements. According to PSoft:

iMsafe 1.8: a new update to the popular backup utility for Mac OS X.

iMsafe backs up or synchronizes data stored on any mounted OS X volume (such as your HD) to any mounted OS X volume (e.g. HD, removable HD, Zip, network volume, iPod). Users can edit, run, stop and resume backups and synchronizations at any time.Tasks can be run from within iMsafe or they can be scheduled to occur every day, on weekdays or on specific days. And with the scheduling function, you donit have to be logged in or running iMsafe in order to run backups.

iMsafe 1.8 adds the following new features:

  • The backup engine is faster and more reliable
  • Itis now possible to run several backup and synchronization tasks at once
  • A new column called Last Run has been added to the main window
  • iMsafe now properly copies folder icons
  • iMsafe will now check for newer versions over the Internet
  • Some smaller cosmetic issues are fixed
  • A lot more features and enhancements, check them out!

You can find more information about the iMsafe update at the PSoft Web site. iMsafe 1.8 is available for US$15.00.