Package Tracker Updated With Revised Carrier Plug-Ins

Intelli Innovations has released updates for Package Tracker, bringing it to version 3.9. Package Tracker is a tracking app designed for the locating and following of packages en route. The update features revised carrier plug-ins and OS bug fixes. According to Intelli Innovations:

Intelli Innovations, Inc. is very pleased to release Package Tracker 3.9, the latest version of its award-winning package management software software for Mac OS X.

This update adds revised carrier plugins for UPS and FedEx, performance improvements under Mac OS X 10.2.2, and several bug fixes related to Mac OS X Jaguar.

You can find more information about the Package Tracker update at the Intelli Innovations Web site. The Package Tracker 3.9 update is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$34.95.