PagePlanet Preps MGI 2.0 For Release

PagePlanet Software has released the final candidate release of their multi-featured WebSTAR plug-in, MGI. MGI 2.0 adds an number of features, such as "hooks" for all popular database environments, and a quiz/polling feature. According to PagePlanet Software:

MGI 2.0FC is a plug-in to 4Dis award-winning web server WebStar and adds a host of functions to otherwise static web pages. Included in MGI 2.0 are ODBC hooks to connect your web pages to such third-party databases as FileMakerPro, dBase, FoxPro, Oracle 6 and 7 (with Oracle 8 and SQL 7coming tentativly in March) as well as connectivity to flat-text files. In addition, MGI has built-in capabilities to connect via any other ODBC propriatery driver that ships with individual database products.

MGI 2.0FC also extends the capabilities of MGI 1.6 with improved memory management, thread handling, dramatic speed increases, a number of new admin interfaces, and a far more robust internal database with C-Tree Plus built right into MGI.

With the completion of MGI 2.0, MGI is now cross-platform between Macintosh and NT without requiring a single modification of any MGI code. Web sites are fully transportable between platforms (actual database transfer is accomplished by a simple import/export feature built into MGI that does not require the manual recreation of the database on the new platform.)

Some featured new functions are mgiQuiz and mgiPoll, both greatly enhanced and extended from the MGI 1.6 version. mgiQuiz is now easily adaptable to any academic setting. Also, built-in guestbook/database functions in addition to the existing manual guestbook.

And as the keystone of MGI 2.0, we have constructed a shopping basket system that not only is amazingly simple to implement, but allows the designer to retain complete control over the look and feel of the web site and shopping experience. Shopping basket functions are now configurable via an admin and will allow total control over inventory, shipping methods and pricing, taxation rules, integrated credit card processing, and many more features.

MGI 2.OFC is currently available for free. You can find more information at the PagePlanet Software Web site.