Painter 7 Helps The Webbed Wonder Get Dressed

procreate has announced that the upcoming Spider-Man movie from Sony Pictures had some help from Painter 7. Several stages of pre-development of the Spider-Man costume were tackled by the graphics app. Importing line drawings into Painter, Warren Manser digitally manipulated the sketches into the final drawings for production. According to procreate:

procreate today announced that Painter 7 played a leading role in designing characters and the familiar red and blue webbed costume in the upcoming Sony Pictures Entertainment movie, Spider-Man.

Warren Manser, an illustrator whose portfolio includes illustration work on films such as The Matrix, Pearl Harbor and A.I., used Painter 7 and Adobe Photoshop to generate illustrations and concepts that were used to pre-visualize costumes and characters in the film.

Painter 7 helped Warren Manser create the look of traditional media while allowing him to manipulate artwork digitally. He began most illustrations with simple line drawings that were imported into Painter 7 running on a Macintosh G4 and completed using a Wacom Intuos tablet.

You can find more information about the Painter 7 contribution at the procreate Web site. Painter 7 is available for US$479.00.