Palm Desktop 4.0 Public Beta Supports Mac OS X

Palm Computing today released a public beta version of their Palm Desktop, version 4.0. This new version sports many new features, the most popular of which is native support for Mac OS X! According to Palm:

Palm is pleased to offer this public beta release of Palm Desktop software 4.0 for Mac! Highlights include:

  • Mac OS X Support - Palm Desktop software 4.0 for Mac OS X provides one more reason to upgrade to Mac OS X!
  • Better Data Compatibility, Improved Synchronization - Weive improved improve synchronization so that you have a more consistent transfer of data between your Palm handheld and Palm Desktop software.
  • Share Information with vCard and vCal Support - Import and export support for vCard and vCal makes sharing information with others simple. Simply drag Address Book items or Date Book items to the desktop to create vCard and vCal files.
  • Private Records - Private records now retain their private designation when you synchronize. Records marked private can be hidden in Palm Desktop software, to prevent them from displaying and printing, adding another level of security to your data.
  • Multiple Language Support - Palm Desktop software 4.0 for Mac is available in English, Japanese, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
  • New Palm Desktop Help System using Apple Help - Got a question about Palm Desktop software? Easily navigate and search online Help topics using the new Palm Desktop Help system.
  • Instant Palm Desktop integrated as Mac OS X Dock Menu Item - Click and hold the mouse on the Palm Desktop icon in the Dock for quick access to your data, or to find or create items.
The purpose of the Public Beta is to get feedback from real users that will help Palm improve the final shipping product. Please use our Public Beta Feedback Center to report problems you might experience using this Beta release.

Palm Desktop 4.0 Public Beta is available for download from Palmis website.