Palm Sync App Gets iPod Support

Power On Software has released an update for Now Up-to-Date & Contact, bringing it to version 4.2. Now Up-to-Date & Contact is designed for synching Palm devices to a Mac, and allowing users the ability to communicate contacts and scheduling between a Palm device. The update features iPod support and a European Holiday file. Accordng to Power on Software:

Power On Software, Inc. announced today the immediate availability of a new release of Now Up-to-Date & Contact.

Version 4.2 of the top-selling Macintosh scheduler and contact manager for individuals and workgroups offers native Mac OS X support for Palm Computing® handheld devices. It also adds a new backup utility that allows users to recover previous versions of their data in the event they wish to undo synchronization sessions between their handheld device and their Macintosh.

Other features included in this release are:

  • the addition of the new NowPak for iPod module that permits contacts created in Now Contact to be loaded into Appleis new iPod devices
  • a new holiday file that adds support for a number of European holidays, and an installer that has been created exclusively Mac OS X users

You can find more information about the Now Up-to-Date & Contact update at the Power On Software Web site. Now Up-to-Date and Contact 4.2 is available for US$129.95.