Pangea Announces Otto Matic

Pangea Software announced their new project today, labeled Otto Matic. Otto Matic a 3D game that puts you in the role of a robot named, you guessed it, Otto Matic. Here is a bit of info direct from Pangea.

You are a robot named Otto Matic who goes from planet to planet battling aliens and preventing the humans from being abducted. Otto has many special abilities, and the game is loaded with incredible visuals and special effects which give the game a unique look which is truly dazzling! The gameplay and visual style of the game has been inspired by 1930is and 1950is sci-fi movies. That should give you a few hints as to what to expect. We thought we would have a hard time creating a game which visually surpassed that of Bugdom, but Otto Matic flies past Bugdom both in terms of visuals and game play!

More information will be made available at the Pangea site soon, but for now you can go and take a look at the exclusive interview by IMG Magazine on Otto Matic. There is also a fancy little 3D movie of Otto himself on the front page of the Official Otto Matic Web site.