Panic Rolls Out Transmit 3 FTP Client

Panic, Inc. released Transmit 3 Wednesday, a major upgrade to the highly acclaimed FTP client.

In development for almost a year, version 3 builds on Panicis almost eight years of experience with FTP clients, adding a number of new features. Among the highlights are a column view, tabbed interface for multiple connections, Finder-like sidebar, redesigned Favorites, spring-loaded folders and tabs, and a revamped preview drawer with support for more file types. Also included in Transmit 3 is full iDisk/WebDAV support that Panic claims is faster using the Finder.

Transmit 3 arrives as a full-featured 15-day demo and costs $29.95. Upgrades from version 2 are $17.95 (and free for customers who purchased version 2 after January 1, 2005).

Panic has also retired the original Transmit (version 1.7) for Mac OS 9, releasing it today as freeware.

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