Pantone Announces ColorMunki: Multi-function Color Tool

Pantone and X-Rite announced ColorMunki on Monday. ColorMunki is a multi-function monitor and printer calibration device and a colorimeter, and is available in models for photographers and designers.

ColorMunki Design

ColorMunki can calibrate LCD displays, projectors and printers; sample colors from most surfaces; and verify spot colors for process-safe reproduction. It also includes software that can build color palettes based on the colors in an image; automatically add color palettes to design applications including QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator; and supports several color matching systems like PMS and Pantone Goe.

ColorMunki Photo includes a software interface tailored for photographers, and ColorMunki Designis software interface is geared towards graphic design workflows. Both are priced at US$499 and will be available in late March.

ColorMunki Create offers monitor calibration and color selection and is priced at $149. It will be available in late June.