Paraglyph Press Ships Degunking Book

Paraglyph Press has published a new book titled; "Degunking Your Mac". The book, written by Joli Ballew, offers users tips and methods for internally optimizing a system. The book identifies common culprits and techniques for improving system performance. According to Paraglyph Press:

Adding to its #1 bestselling Degunking series, Paraglyph Press announced today that it has published "Degunking Your Mac".

Written by bestselling author and Mac expert Joli Ballew, "Degunking Your Mac" shows Mac users where operational slow-downs happen and why, and it covers all the glitches in Appleis Panther operating system, OS X 10.3.3, as well as prior versions going back to OS 9.

Any computer will naturally slow down after regular use, and Macs are no exception. Even though many long-time Mac aficionados might not realize their computers can get gunked up, all Macs slow down after months or years of use simply because of all of the gunk that builds up--unused applications, bloated fonts, unread emails, and so on.

In "Degunking Your Mac," Joli Ballew shows users where gunk accumulates on a Mac. The most common culprits of slow-downs are e-mail, file organization, large graphics applications such as Photoshop and InDesign, font management, and spam and security problems.

You can find more information about "Degunking Your Mac" at the Paraglyph Press Web site. The book is available for US$24.99.