Parallels Improves Compatibility with Leopard

Parallels released a new beta version of its Parallels Desktop virtualization software for Mac OS X that is certified to work with Leopard. It has better performance and enhanced usability for both Windows Vista and XP.

"The new build enables current Parallels Desktop users to upgrade to Leopard more easily, and makes it simple for new users to start using OS X and Windows simultaneously," said Ben Rudolph. the Parallels Director of Communications. In addition, he said that the new beta, "further blurs the lines between Windows and Mac applications -- making the choice to switch to a Mac easy."

The highlights of the new beta include:

? Parallels Transporter, which enables users to migrate their entire PC system to a Parallels virtual machine, now supports the migration of Windows from a Boot Camp partition to a Parallels virtual Disk Image. Using this tool, a user can safely migrate from a static Boot Camp partition to an expanding Parallels virtual machine, saving gigs of hard drive space.

? Complete integration with Spaces, Leopardis new multi-desktop tool. Users can use Coherence across multiple spaces, or work with OSes in full-screen mode in an individual space.

? Improved 3D performance provides users with a better 3D graphic experience for both DirectX and OpenGL games and applications.

A complete list of the new features is posted at the Parallels Website.

In addition, Parallels announced a special offer for new and upgrading customers: "As part Parallelsi Leopard-related celebration, the company is launching a special offer running from today through November 6th, 2007 in which new customers who purchase Parallels for Mac 3.0 will receive a US$20 Apple Gift Card good toward future purchases at Appleis online and retail stores. The special offer includes incentives for current customers as well; customers who upgrade from Parallels Desktop 2.5 to Parallels Desktop 3.0 will receive a US$10 Apple Gift Card."

Parallels Desktop 3 is immediately available and priced at US$79.99. There is a 15-day free trial that is fully functional.