Parallels Releases Update for Vista SP1 and XP SP3

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Parallels has released Desktop Build 5600 for the Mac which adds full support for Vista SP1, Windows XP SP3 and improves compatibility with MacBook Air.

Major feature and updates in Build 5600 include:

  • Full support for Microsoft Windows Vista SP1, including Boot Camp support.
  • Full support for Microsoft Windows XP SP3, including Boot Camp support.
  • Full compatibility with the MacBook Air.
  • Shared Folders improvements: Improved file transfer speed for SmartSelect, and the ability to share files and folders to/from removable drives.

Fedora 9, which was just released is not yet supported in Parallels Desktop, however, Ben Rudolph, Parallelsi Director of Communications, told TMO that theyire working on support for that release.

The update to build 5600 is available via the auto-updater or as a standalone updater.

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