Parallels Reveals That It Is Controled by SWsoft

Parallels Software revealed that it is controlled by SWsoft on Monday. Mr. Ben Rudolph, Parallelis Director of Marketing, characterized this as a substantial announcement, but affirmed that nothing has changed as a result. He told TMO: "Parallels will still have its own brand, site, and team, we will simply be leveraging SWsoft?s substantial experience, talent and resources to make our products even better, and get the out the door even faster."

The reason given was that, due to growing synergies between the two companies, they decided to reveal the relationship as a means of further advancing their business goals.

The announcement looked forward to some new products: "Continuing this strategy, SWsoft and Parallels will be announcing more products that will enhance the choices available to IT professionals, developers and consumers. These will include a server edition of Parallels, as well as tools for managing multiple virtualization technologies - whether from SWsoft, Parallels or other vendors - with one user interface."

Parallels Desktop for Mac OS X won Macworldis "Best of Show" award at the 2007 Macworld Conference and Expo.