Pariahware Updates FLaunch With Expanded Assignments

Pariahware has just released an update for FLaunch, bringing it to version 1.1. FLaunch is a file launch utility designed for launching apps via function keys. The update expands function key assignments. According to Pariahware:

Pariahware is happy to announce FLaunch v1.1.

FLaunch allows the user to assign Function keys or a Function key along with Modifier keys (ie: Shift, Command, Option) to any application, folder, drive, applescript, e-mail address, or URL. Each function key may be assigned up to four items. This makes it quite easy to open a suite of files without a bunch of clicking.

You can find more information about the FLaunch update at the Pariahware Web site. FLaunch is available for US$5.00.