Parliant Shipping New Telephony App

Parliant Corporation is now shipping the PhoneValet Message Center for Mac users. PhoneValet Message Center is utility designed as a multi-service message center. The app features multiple mail boxes and caller ID for call screening. According to Parliant Corporation:

Parliant Corporation, world leading developers of computer telephony products for business and consumer use, today announced the shipping of its PhoneValet Message Center (PVMC), the invention that turns any Apple computer running Mac OS X into a telephone communications hub for homes and small businesses. PVMC builds on Parliantis existing PhoneValet multi-line computer telephony solution, adding full message center capabilities to this proven, reliable technology.

PhoneValet Message Center includes the hardware and software to do the work of a skilled staffer, greeting callers professionally, announcing each call by voice and on the screen, and permitting the call to be recorded in whole or in part.

Your Macintosh can now provide voice mail, conversation recording, a searchable call history, talking caller id, caller-activated AppleScripting, a fax controller and voice dialing. Parliantis PVMC does all of this, simply, intuitively and elegantly, in the spirit of the Macintosh. PVMC gives a Mac the telephony capabilities the Apple community has always wanted but could never get. Parliant extends Appleis digital hub paradigm to include telephony.

You can find more information about the PhoneValet Message Center release at the Parliant Corporation Web site. PhoneValet Message Center is available for US$199.95.