PasswordWallet Update Features Safari And Chimera Improvements

Selznick Scientific Software, LLC has released an update for PasswordWallet, bringing it to version 2.7.3. PasswordWallet is a storage app designed to hold usernames, passwords, and PINs in one complete package. The update ships with bug fixes and other minor improvements. According to Selznick Scientific Software:

Selznick Scientific Software, LLC is very pleased to announce an update for PasswordWallet(tm) for MacOS to version 2.7.3.

PasswordWallet(tm) is a convenient, easy to use, secure place to store all your usernames, passwords, PIN numbers, or combinations. PasswordWallet(tm) runs great under MacOS 8, MacOS 9 and MacOS X!

This release addresses issues with Safari, Chimera, third party keyboard layouts, and user interface elements on MacOS X 10.2.x.

CHANGES TO VERSION 2.7.3 of PasswordWallet(tm) Application:

  • PasswordWallet(tm) runs great under MacOS 8, MacOS 9 and MacOS X!
  • Fixed problem with slow password fields in Chimera and Safari MacOS X browsers
  • Fixed compatibility with auto-typing using third party keyboard layouts in 10.2.x
  • Fixed some font metrics problems for MacOS 10.2 in dialogs and windows
  • Using more reliable Option-Key-Down detection method to initiate auto-typing
  • Added idClai 128 resource to the application so MacOS 9 (Classic) users can twiddle auto-typing speed. (Some browsers canit handle fast typing.)
  • [Conduit] Added special "debug" mode that can be invoked by holding down the shift-key while synchronizing

You can find more information about the PasswordWallet update at the Selznick Scientific Software, LLC Web site. PasswordWallet 2.7.3 is available for US$15.00.