PasswordWallet Update From Selznick Scientific

Selznick Scientific Software, LLC has released an update for PasswordWallet, bringing it to version 2.6.1. PasswordWallet is a storage app designed to hold usernames, passwords, and PINs in one complete package. The new version has several new features and performance enhancements. According to Selznick Scientific Software:

Selznick Scientific Software, LLC is very pleased to announce an update for PasswordWallet(tm) for MacOS to version 2.6.1. This version still syncs great with the PalmOS version!

Weive added lots of new features to PasswordWallet(tm) 2.6.1. We were going to save many of these features for 3.0, but we decided to bring them to you as part of this free update instead.

CHANGES TO VERSION 2.6.1 of PasswordWallet(tm for MacOS 8, MacOS 9 and MacOS X:

  • Added instructions on how to use auto-typing when "Go to URL" is selected
  • Improved auto-typing action on MacOS X 10.1
  • Fixed problem with Keychain that not did not allow the first mouse-button-down to work in a new window
  • Added "Quit after last close" preference that will quit PasswordWallet(tm) after all open documents are closed
  • If all documents are closed, but PasswordWallet(tm) is still running, double-clicking PasswordWallet(tm) will bring up the default file if one is set in the preferences
  • Built in the eSellerate registration engine
  • Fixed extremely rare problem where PasswordWallet™ would be unable to open a document if the monitor resolution changed since the last save
  • Everybodyis 3-D preference will revert back to ioffi for this release. Please re-enable it via the Preferences
  • Auto-close timer will not start until document is opened with the correct password
  • [Conduit] Using fewer system resources to improve synchronization while running under MacOS 8, 9 and 10.1

You can find more information about the PasswordWallet update at the Selznick Scientific Software, LLC Web site. PasswordWallet is available for US$18.00.