Password Retriever Updated To 3.5

Koingo Software has released an update for Password Retriever, bringing it to version 3.5. Password Retriever is a password management app designed for the secure storing of multiple passwords. The update features several performance enhancements and bug fixes. According to Koingo Software:

Once again weive spent many of our evenings programming and have brought you a new release. We just canit get enough of this stuff! Password Retriever has been completely reprogrammed (mainly for stability, performance and unification) and now stands proudly at version 3.5.

Password Retriever offers an encrypted file format so any user canit just go and peek in at your passwords using SimpleText. RC4 (the type of protection Password Retriever uses) is a very secure 448 bit encryption method used in the industry.

List of Changes since previous version:

  • Important Note: Bring your services into the new version by using the update option under the Utility menu
  • Major Modification: Recoded the entire program
  • New Feature: List font and size are now properly selected from the menu in the Preferences window
  • New Feature: Single-file format (more secure) allows users to store all their Password Retriever in one easy to manage Services file. This file is encrypted with 448bit RC4 technology
  • New Feature: Database password is now stored within the individual archive
  • New Feature: Ability to have different passwords for different lists
  • New Feature: Brand-new export options which allow you to specify unique delimiters
  • Major Enhancement: Incredibly faster due to single-time encryption at database close
  • Removed: Program password protection (essentially useless since now you can do the same for databases)
  • Bug Fix: Quit Timer now works properly
  • And much, MUCH more!

You can find more information about the Password Retriever update at the Koingo Software Web site. Password Retriever 3.5 is available for US$11.97.