Password Retriever Updated With Database Improvements

Koingo Software has released an update for Password Retriever, bringing it to version 4.5.4. Password Retriever is a password utility designed for storing, categorizing and encrypting numerous emails. The update features performance enhancements including database improvements and a new synch utility. According to Koingo Software:

Koingo Software, developers of superior Macintosh software for business and home use, today announced an update for Password Retriever, the businessis 448-bit secure password and information storage tool.

Password Retriever 4.5.4 introduces a vast array of new features and enhancements. Most notably, the new database format which allows unique category names for each database, alongside the new synchronization utility. However, to experience the numerous other changes, youill have download it for yourself!

You can find more information about the Password Retriever update at the Koingo Software Web site. Password Retriever is available for US$11.95.