Password Retriever Updated With Database Improvements

Koingo Software has released an update for Password Retriever, bringing it to version 4.5.8. Password Retriever is a password utility designed for storing, categorizing and encrypting numerous emails. The update features performance enhancements including a revised sync engine and new find servicces. According to Koingo Software:

Well, at least itis morning here. 12:56am to be exact! Weive been up late coding a big release of our program Password Retriever. Password Retriever is a secure data storage tool (up to 448-bit) geared for Web passwords, serial numbers and other sensitive information.

This new version boasts a completely revised synchronization engine, as well as a robust new Find Services function. But hey, thatis not all. Amongst those two MAJOR enhancements, weive also fixed numerous bugs and enhanced many pre-existing features.

You can find more information about the Password Retriever update at the Koingo Software Web site. Password Retriever is available for US$15.95.