Password Utility Safe Place Adds Two New Field Types

Mere Mortal Software has released Safe Place 2.1, an update to its sensitive data storage utility that adds two new custom field types: Credit Card Number and Date.

The former can verify credit card numbers and removes spaces when copying the number to the clipboard, which eases pasting it to a Web site order form. The latter is a Quicken-style date entry, including a pop-up calendar.

Safe Place comes with seven common categories for storing software serial numbers, bank and credit card numbers, Web site passwords and more. Users can change the default categories as well as add new ones. Each category can contain up to 40 fields, each of which can be set to store one of six types of information.

This is a free update for registered users. The full version is US$10 and can be examined during a 30-day trial period before itis purchased. System requirements were not provided.