Passwords Kept Safe With Web Confidential

Alco Blom and Palm developer Rene Laterveer have released new versions of the online password manager for their respective platforms, Web Confidential. Version 2.1b2 for the Mac and 1.1b4 for the Palm OS offer new features and greater ease of use. According to the developers:

Macintosh developer Alco Blom and Palm developer Rene Laterveer announced today the beta releases of Web Confidential 2.1 for Mac and the release of Web Confidential for Palm 1.1.

New in Web Confidential for Mac is a feature to change categories of a card easily. New in Web Confidential for Palm is an Auto Lock feature, which automatically encrypts your database after a user specified time interval.

Although widely imitated, Web Confidential is still the most powerful password manager on the Mac today and is currently the only password manager which is able to HotSync with a Palm device using a Macintosh Conduit.

Like the Macintosh version, your data on the Palm handheld can be protected by state-of-the-art encryption technology.

Web Confidential for both Palm and Mac is US$20. You can find more information at the Web Confidential web site.