Peacock Maps Releases iTunes Music Posters

Peacock Maps has released a new set of iTunes posters. The new posters are comprised of some of the digital images created by the iTunes visualization software. According to Peacock Maps:

Washington DC based Peacock Maps launched a new line of original, full color wall posters today that showcase the swirling, psychedelic images generated by the popular music visualization program which Apple Computer bundles with its iTunes digital music player. These posters let Mac users share the fantastic patterns and colors from iTunes with their friends.

"So far as we know, our music viz posters are the first of their kind, and we plan to release additional images in the Autumn," said Martin Dodge, who oversees Peacockis new products.

The posters are available for US$29.95 plus shipping. When visiting the companyis site, click on "Music Viz" and then on "Music For Your Eyes" to see the posters. Note that on the Web site, the posters are not labeled "iTunes Poster."