Pentax Debutes Compact, 5MP 'Simple' Camera

Pentax announced Monday a new compact, five megapixel digital camera model aimed squarely at entry level users.

The Optio 50, (see photo below) at 4.6 ounces, has a 3x optical zoom lens, equivalent to 32-96 millimeter, and offers a 320 x 240-pixel video mode.

Imaging Resource: "Other features include a 1.8-inch LCD display with 130,000 pixels, actual-image viewfinder, four-mode internal flash, five scene modes, USB and video connectivity, has 12 megabytes of built-in memory and uses SD flash cards."

The Optio 50 has seven subject modes including a isimplei function that allows the user to quickly choose an icon that matches the subject at hand and have the camera select all the optimal settings automatically for the best possible results.

The Optio 50 will be available in April, the company said. US pricing and availability have not yet been announced. The camera will retail for £150 in the United Kingdom, or about US$282, based on the current exchange rate.

(Photo courtesy of Imaging Resource)