Personal Finance App Beta Released From Modeless Soft

Modeless Software, Inc. has released a beta version of Liquid Ledger, bringing it to version 1.1.b1. Liquid Ledger is a personal finance app designed for the management and analysis of a users finances. The beta release ships with several enhancements including expanded account tracking features and custom viewing options. According to Modeless Software:

Modeless Software, Inc. today announced the availability of Liquid Ledger™ Version 1.1 Beta1, the first upgrade to its Cocoa-based, personal finance solution for Mac OS X.

This release adds new features for tracking and summarising financial activity, improves workflow with a more customisable user interface, improves stability under Mac OS X 10.2, and improves performance when working with large documents.

Notable improvements in Version 1.1 Beta1 include:

  • the ability to track cheque numbers and reconcile accounts against a monthly statement
  • a new Ledger Summary window that organises expenses by month and lists which transactions contribute to each monthis total
  • view options that enable users to customise which columns are visible for each account
  • tables that sort by any column, in ascending or descending order
  • date fields that display short or long date formats and honour Mac OS X System Preferences
  • and performance improvements for managing large documents.

You can find more information about the Liquid Ledger beta release at the Modeless Software, Inc. Web site. Liquid Ledger 1.1 b1 is free for trial, while the full version is available for US$40.00.