Petition Launched To Ask Apple For Software AirPort Base Station In Mac OS X

We received a note from Norm Phillips who has launched a petition asking Apple to deliver software base station support for AirPort in Mac OS X. AirPort is Appleis wireless implementation based on the 802.11b protocol, and the company offers what is called a software base station in Classic Mac OS. A software base station allows one to use oneis AirPort equipped Mac as a base station to support other Macs. That functionality has yet to be delivered with Mac OS X. From the petitionis Web page:

To:  The Mac Community

The purpose of this petition is to express support for the following proposal regarding the lack of an AirPort software base station in Mac OS X:

This proposal will be formally submitted to Apple as a "bug report" after an adequate number of supporters have come forward. Supporters will be listed in the submission to Apple as per the privacy preferences set on this petition form. Selected supporter comments (from this petition or via e-mail) may also be added to the submission.

Comments and suggestions regarding the proposal should be sent to

-The petition in no way represents the opinions of Alnora Design. Only the opinions of anyone who signs the petition.

If you are interested in this feature for Mac OS X, go and check out the petition.