Phantom Floats Over to AKTIV With An Update

AKTIV Software has announced the release and distribution of Phantom, now updated to version 2.2.2. Phantom is a Web development utility designed for the indexing and searching of Web sites. The update features numerous bug fixes and an updated 4D database engine. According to AKTIV Software:

AKTIV Software Corporation and Maxum Development are pleased to announce that Phantom, the popular Web site indexing and search solution, is now available directly from AKTIV Software. For the past 5 years, Phantom has been sold and supported by Maxum, though it was originally developed by AKTIV Software.

Running on your web server, Phantom makes it possible for users to search your Web site or other Web sites. Phantom works like AltaVista (but on a smaller scale) so it can provide searching for remote Web sites you specify using its built-in Web crawler.

Phantom 2.2.2 is a maintenance upgrade for Phantom, with some feature improvements and fixes for some minor bugs.

Version 2.2 was the last major upgrade to Phantom.

Feature Improvements:

  • Updated Phantom to 4D database engine version 6.5.x.

Problems Fixed:

  • Fixed problem where Phantom incorrectly encodes spaces as + character when a server name is specified in a file:// text/ starting point
  • Fixed a problem with receiving PDF files to be indexe
  • Fixed bug introduced in 2.2.2b3 where Allow and Disallow paths where not parsed correctly
  • Allow Quit even when Robot is executing
  • Fixed bug where some of the session fields where not 0id after an import
  • Fixed bug in downloading binary files (including PDFs) where the error code 1005 would be returned. This occurred mostly on Macs with Web* serving PDFs to the crawler thru HTTP
  • Phantom should ignore links specified as href="javascript..."
  • Fixed search condition when the .andOr field was missing. Correctly defaults to the All condition if not specified as And
  • Start urls with % encoded characters are left as is

You can find more information about the Phantom release at the AKTIV Software Web site. Phantom 2.2.2 is free for all licensed users, while the full version is available for US$396.50.