Phantom Total Security Now Available To The Public

Gianus Technologies, Inc. has just made Phantom Total Security available to the general public. Phantom TS is a security utility designed for making hard drives and data invisible to hackers. The app prevents unwanted intruders from being able to actively view or manipulate sensitive documents or information. According to Gianus Technologies:

Gianus Technologies, Inc. is making Phantom Total Security (TS) available to the general public.

Until now, Phantom TS has only been available to large organizations and government agencies. Now that it is available to small businesses and individual users, Phantom TS makes ultimate privacy and data protection affordable and available to a far wider sector.

Phantom TS is a state-of-the-art, TOP RATED, NON-ENCRYPTION computer security software capable of protecting ANY type of computer data by making it completely invisible to hackers, unauthorized users and even viruses.

The software splits a computer hard disk into two parts, then makes one part disappear with the simple click of an icon. Everything contained in the disappearing portion vanishes with it.

Protection through this invisibility extends to any type of information, documents, files, e-mail, e-commerce, Internet records, audio, video, pictures and even software.

You can find more information about the Phantom TS release at the Gianus Technologies, Inc. Web site. Phantom TS is available for US$400.00.