Phelios, Inc. Shipping New Game Engine For The Mac

Phelios, Inc. has released a new game engine for Mac users, PTK. PTK is an engine designed for creating 2D and 3D Mac based games. The engine features cross-platform porting and is built around OpenGL. According to Phelios, Inc:

Phelios, Inc, announced the release of their new game engine geared to assist other game developers called, PTK.

Itis a Game Engine (or SDK) to port or create PC games easily to the Mac OS Xenvironment (or vice versa). Though the beauty of PTK is that itis multiplatform, so Mac OS X games can also be ported to PC.

PTK is a multiplatform 2D game engine built around OpenGL-accelerated hardware however, it is also possible to create 3D multiplatform games with OpenGL. (Just use the PTK framework to handle the multiplatform work and concentrate on the game!)

It has been designed to be as simple as possible yet packs a punch of power; PTK can be utilized by a wide variety of users: from the most experienced programmers to the newbie aspiring game programmers. If you can program in Basic, you can use PTK! It just requires a very basic knowledge of C++ and of course a C++ Compiler

You can find more information about the PTK release at the Phelios, Inc. Web site. PTK trial versions are available for US$5.00.