Phelios Releases BongoBoogie! For Mac Gamers

Phelios has released a new app for Mac gamers, BongoBoogie! BongoBoogie! is a "brick wall" type game where the object of the game is to destroy an ever growing wall of bricks. The game ships with over 200 levels. According to Phelios:

Discover your next game addiction: Bongo Boogie!

Youill go wild for manic monkeys and quirky coconuts in this next generation brick wall game for the
whole family. Figure out funky symbols granting you "G-Blast," an "Extra Life" or taking you to the "Next Level" automatically and many more. But beware of "Gravity," "Freeze" or bricks that are hard to crack; theyill make you go bananas! Play more than 200 levels of Bongo Boogie on your Mac!

You can find more information about the BongoBoogie! release at the Phelios Web site. Bongoboogie! is available for US$15.00.